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Relationship is EVERYTHING !

Ninja Trick! You must know before buying a Car

Relationship is everything in Customer service


Don’t believe me ?


Early in my career, I bought a HTC One phone from a salesperson named Nick. As a smartphone newbie I had no idea how to use it.

I called Nick and explained the situation and asked for help

“Hey Nick, can you help me learn how to use this HTC One?”

He EXPLODED, “You Don’t know how to use it?”

To be honest, I felt humiliated…

A few months later I needed help again

This time when I went in, I found Robin, who helped me solve the issue with a kind and gentle manner

I was Hooked and referred my friends to her as well


Relationship is everything in Customer service

That is why I STRONGLY recommend you develop a relationship with a salesperson with a proven track record of delivering that kind of service !

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