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Three FREE Alternatives to Sirius/XM

We all know that Sirius/XM is great !

but what if you don’t have the dough to afford it ?

Here are three FREE alternatives to Rock Your Days AND Nights !

  1.  PANDORA: an industry standard that’s actually incorporated into many of the new vehicles Entertainment Systems! I like it but think too many damn commercials.  The Free version doesn’t allow you to choose individual songs…
  2.  I-Heart-Radio: similar to Pandora but less commercials. Again, you can’t choose songs…
  3. Spotify: This one you can make up play lists of your favorite songs ! But you won’t be able to play individual songs on demand. It goes thru and randomly plays your playlist, but if you’ve added all songs you love, no worries ! 




I started with I-Heart-Radio, transitioned to the free version of Spotify and then when I bought my new 2020 Accord 2.0T, it had a 3 month free trial of Sirius/XM…  I liked it so much (especially channel 66 Watercolors) that I had my wife give me a years subscription for Christmas !  They had an awesome $5 per month promotion 🙂

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