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A Free Resource to insure you avoid Disaster !

Aristotle once said:

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all Wisdom”

Going to a Car dealer without knowing what features you need?

This is the Recipe for Disaster that you must Avoid.

A wise approach is to Research in advance

What,  you do not have time?

Fear Not!

My  ULTIMATE AUTO RESEARCHER will make this job a lot Easier

It has live links to every research resource source you could ever want, such as:

  • you get the latest Safety Ratings
  • find out the True Cost to Own
  • discover the key Reliability Studies
  • learn Resale Values so you get more $bucks$ back later ! 
  • rock on with Head to Head Vehicle Comparisons

From all the names you know and love such as Car & Driver, ALG, Consumer Reports, Edmunds,  JL Polk, Motor Trend  . . .   and waaay more ! 

and Guess What?  It’s absolutely FREE

Just text   “Ultimate Auto Researcher”  to Jim at: (941) 786-6122 & he’ll slide it right on over !


and then high-tail it over to JimTimpson.com for more car buying goodies ! 

Nothin for sale there, Promise.  All amazingly Free,  Groovy ! 

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