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Frequently Asked Questions

A: There’s no catch. I offer this information to build trust with potential customers. Some end up giving me a try on their next car, van or truck. Or referring me to family, friends and neighbors  (see my $200 Referral Program!).

My valuable materials are completely free. And there’s no obligation. If you care to stop by to see me at Wilde Honda in Sarasota, FL, I will happily greet you with a smile . . . buying a car should be fast, easy and above all fun !

A: Absolutely! The keyword here is preparation. The process can be streamlined by agreeing to the price up front. And by making sure key documents are available — driver’s license, insurance info, etc, in advance. This front end effort often means that the customer drops by, signs a few papers, listens as I go thru the car and they’re ready to go… I’ve even had deals where the customer NEVER had to come to our dealership at all, and the car was delivered to their house!

Leasing or financing approval can be handled online. If you have a trade in, we generally like to see it but sometimes we’ll do it ‘sight unseen’ based on your detailed description of the vehicle. The bottom line is this: I will do everything in my power to make this as quick, easy and enjoyable as possible!

A: Bring it in and I’ll give you an exact Price. For a Ballpark figure, go to KBB.com and be sure to specify the Dealer Trade In value when you enter your vehicle criteria.

A: Contact me directly and I will send you a link to Wilde Honda’s “Online Credit Application”.  Simply complete and submit it. Then I will contact you to discuss your options !

A:  Absolutely !  Let me know the Honda model you’re interested in. I’ll get back to you with a quote in double quick time. At Wilde Honda, we give you the best price up front without any of the annoying car-buying nonsense.

A: I wrote a whole report on that exact subject. Sign up on the home page and you’ll receive all 10 of my Car Buying Special Reports without cost or obligation !

A: Get my “Ultimate Auto Researcher”  here: http://bit.ly/3t4nJBv   IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND ! It gives you all the resources in one place to quickly research all makes and models including True Cost to Own, Third Party Car Comparisons and Reviews, Trade-In Values, Dependability Studies, Govt Crash Test & Safety Info, Buyers Guides as well as links to all the top car manufacturer’s websites.

I want to stress that while I personally drive (2020 Accord Touring 2.0T), sell, recommend and love Honda, my Ultimate Auto Researcher is 100% neutral and will help you to streamline your research. Before you know it, you’ll have found the perfect vehicle, whichever that may be !

A: Yes I can ! Go to the “Home Test Drive” page on this site and sign up. Or if you prefer, contact me directly to arrange a mutually convenient time !

A: A great Question ! Call me to discuss your options. I’ll help you avoid the Pitfalls. If it turns out that trading in your vehicle is the way to go, see my free report on “Maximizing your Trade In” to get more $$$ for it ! If selling it privately makes more sense, I also have a free report on that too !

A: Yes ! I have a “Used Car Buying Checklist”. I recommend never buying a used car until you have checked this list ! I also have an enhanced “Bill of Sale” that will help protect you. If you’d like either or both of these, they’re Free! Please contact me Jim Timpson directly at [email protected] or (941) 786-6122.

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