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About Me

Hi, my name is Jim Timpson at Wilde Honda of Sarasota Florida. My goal is to offer such an amazing experience that you’ll want to be a customer for life!

I understand how discouraging the usual car buying process can be…

In my 15+ years in the Car Business, I’ve listened closely to thousands of my customers and heard every one of their frustrations, complaints, and confusion.

From these ashes, I’ve been able to distill some very specific areas of concern.  And I’ve taken a refreshingly clean look at these concerns to come up with some surprising solutions!

Consumers will quickly learn “how to” get the best deal on the car of their dreams, improve their credit, maximize their trade-in values, streamline the car buying process, decide whether to lease or finance, lower their car insurance cost, improve their fuel economy, even how to safely ship their vehicle plus much more.

They immediately get the exact answers they’re seeking, which I’ve put into a brilliant mix of 10 Full-Length Reports to get them up to speed right away!5


I'm the only local car sales professional who offers Home Test Drives and Home Deliveries. In fact, that's my specialty ! What's so great about 'em, you ask ? EVERYTHING ! It's the ultimate in safety. I sterilize the vehicle before bringing it and you never have to come to the dealer. And talk about convenience, you don't leave your home so never again will you have to endure that dreaded 4-5 hour car buying process ! Plus, since we work all the numbers out in advance (YES, Out The Door!), there is no possibility for shenanigans, so no stress. It's the cleanest and most enjoyable car buying experience you'll ever have . . . After you experience this, you'll wonder why you didn't buy from me last time!

OK, Count Me In ! Please Give Me Instant Access To All 10 Free Special Reports !

And yes, these reports are free for the taking.

Make no mistake, this cutting edge information is a one of a kind valuable resource not available anywhere else and will save all a great deal of time and money.

We may never meet, but anyone is welcome to experience the rich benefits for themselves, whether they decide to take advantage of my award-winning customer service or not!

OK, Count Me In ! Please Give Me Instant Access To All 10 Free Special Reports !

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